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CB Passive Income Review

In this blogpost I’m going to do a review on the CB Passive Income system I purchased back in 2016 and how it can benefit your online business. I’m also going to go a bit into the updated 5.0 version released in 2018.

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Now it’s probably everybody’s dream to make money (online?) while they lie on the beach or travel the world. Sounds like a cliché and let’s face it, most of us fantasize achieving this without putting any real hard work in return.

The truth is that any form of success usually requires some serious effort and that is why so few people ever achieve it.

A lot of people spend thousands to get their online business started before ever making their first single dollar online. They then realize that it usually requires constant effort for a long time until it eventually takes off. That is why so many give up.

They don’t see the immediate return on their big investment.

But is there a way to speed up some of the process required to start generating income online faster and without breaking the bank?


Ok, let’s talk first about the creator of this program, Patric Chan. He is a best-selling author of WakeUp Millionaire and several other books. Through the years he has been creating courses and software that allows him to generate income from the “internet marketing niche” on autopilot and he has been quite successful in doing so.

The creator, Patric Chan.

He says that this system makes him money everyday – without exceptions.

So he came up with the idea of creating a simple system that would allow whoever to copy Patric exactly so they can make money by themselves.

He created a marketing system that includes webpages, product promotions, emails and traffic sources to match.

He then gave away all this material instead of selling it in return for people’s email addresses. This way Patric is able to get subscribers that he then follows up with via email marketing and provides updates and more training along with an affiliate marketing promotion were he makes his money.

That is when CB Passive Income was born in 2013.

But Patric didn’t start doing internet marketing yesterday. He has been at this game since 2005, writing books and speaking for audiences.

He also co-authored the physical book Clicking Cash with Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of Multiple Streams of Income, Nothing Down, The Millionaire Code to name a few.

CB Passive Income Review
CB Passive Income Review

He is allowing YOU to basically duplicate his entire system so you can make money online without having to create all this stuff.

And here is a video testimonial from the TOP guru himself, Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnel and best-selling author of DotComSecrets. If you don’t know him, he is one of the most respected internet marketers out there. Listen what he has to say:

So it’s fair to say that Patric is no beginner when it comes to making money online.

But enough about Patrik Chan.

What is CB Passive Income?

It’s pretty simple actually. You are buying a license to use a done-for-you system that consists of a ready made marketing system.

You only need to find traffic. Eyeballs to the offer. Everything else is taken care of.

You see people usually don’t like to be sold to. At least not the first time they see a new face. So what Patric does ingeniously is to build a system around giving a way free stuff to first-time visitors.

These are so-called lead-magnets or freebie offers such as trainings, books and other evergreen offers in the “make money online” niche.

In order for prospects to get the free stuff they have to give away their email on a so-called optin page or a squeeze page.

These pages are done for you and included in the CB Passive Income program and you just have to send traffic to these pages.

What happens is that the emails get stored in a database or an autoresponder system that Patric has built that then does all the heavy-lifting for you.

The system sends out emails that provide further value such as training and updates but also include affiliate promotions.

Here comes the good part.

Whenever somebody buys through this unique link (with your ClickBank ID) – you get paid a commission.

The big idea is to give people interested in creating a solid online income a ready-made system. A system that has included webpages, funnels, lead-magnets, trainings and email follow-ups.

Here is my receipt – just so you know that I actually bought this program and have used it in my business.

CB Passive Income Review
My CB Passive Income Receipt.

As you can see I bought the 3.0 version back in 2016. However there have been two updates (which is a good sign) and we are currently at version 5.0

So it’s always a good sign when a system is constantly being worked on and improved and I know that they have added things to it after having requests from the users.

I was grandfathered into version 4.0 and 5.0 so I would assume that if you decide to buy the current version that will also apply with further updates.

After going through the new version I can see some new things like new webpages, more training and the ability to have your own autoresponder software store the leads instead of having the CB Passive Income system taking care of it.

But in short the main function of the system is the same and no drastic changes. Just more streamlined. And I guess that’s a good thing because it seems that this system works. You don’t do big changes to something that works, right?

How does CB Passive Income work?

Once you log into the members area you get this dashboard and I encourage you to finish setting up your profile before doing anything else.

Just basic information like your personal details, Clickbank ID and Paypal email.

If you haven’t already got ClickBank ID then you should sign up as soon as possible. It’s free and allows you to promote thousands of products from the biggest marketplace for digital products.

When you have finished doing that it’s very important that you put your unique ID in your CB Passive Income profile.

CB Passive Income Review

Whenever a visitors subscribes through your unique link they get stored in your CB Passive Income account.

Then afterwards the system will automatically send out ongoing emails from the system.

Your job is very simple. Choose one of the landing web pages (optin pages, squeeze pages) that you want to use. Take a look at this one for example:

This is one of the webpages you can use to collect email subscribers.

Here you have a chance to entice people with a free Amazon book. So the book is done for you. The webpage is done for you. The checkout process and delivery is done for you. You just have to get visitors infront of this page.

Let the system do the rest.

You want to be collecting as many email subscribers as possible as a percentage of them will turn into customers when they are put through the system.

The good thing is that every email subscriber you get into the system is yours for a lifetime.

Anytime in the future one of your subscribers makes a purchase you make a commission.

Who is it for?

This done-for-you system is first and foremost for beginners that are looking into finding a solid way of making (perhaps) their first dollar online with minimum effort and on a budget, but also more seasoned online marketers looking for plugging an extra income stream into their business.

You are getting a complete marketing system with funnels, squeeze pages and email marketing ready to go and the only thing needed is people to place infront of this offer.

If you have never tried internet marketing before and never made dime online then CB Passive Income is probably as good of a bet as any.

I already did a post on another high-ticket affilate program I’m a member of but in truth it can be quite hard to figure out and find respectable and proven done-for-you affiliate programs out there if you are just starting out and not sure whom you should trust and listen to.

If you are a complete newbie or a more seasoned then I can recommend Patric Chan’s program.

Especially if you don’t want to go through extensive training an watching countless videos (as I have had to do with other programs) just to get started.

If you want a system that you can get started with right away then CB Passive Income is probably one of the best ones out there.

What I liked about CB Passive Income

Trustworthy creator

Like I mentioned in the beginning the creator Patric Chan is not someone new in the industry.

I always do my background check when I look at a new system and try to search and read from different kind of sources what other people are saying so I can decide if that person is someone that I can trust.

Yes I know, there are scammers out there.

But if you do your research and you see that 95% of people are praising that person (it can be good to read the comment sections on blogs, YouTube channels, Forum etc) then you should be able to see a pattern if this person has gone it’s way to create something of value.

Of course there will always be some people that have something negative.

Just be mindful of them as the ones that are unhappy with something will usually be the ones that shout the loudest.

If it turns out that there are multiple of these people commenting then you should be vary of a program that has a lot of negative comments in different places on the internet.

Various offers to promote

One of the area where this system excels is the options you have when it comes to things to promote to people. You can choose from the new 5.0 offers such as ‘The 5-Minutes Instant Funnel Online Workshop’ which is an evergreen webinar funnel that fits well in the ‘make money online’ or ‘affiliate marketing’ niches.

Then there is a ‘5 minute funnel’ were the main focus is to get leads and when the subscribers upgrade you get paid. Then there is also a ‘Book funnel’ that allows you to instantly promote a Free 196-Page Amazon Book that educates people on 72 Internet Marketing Ideas for their online business.

Then you have the classic evergreen offers like the ‘Super Affiliate Online Training’, ‘The Affiliate Content Profits Offer’, ‘Build and Grow Your List Fast eBook’ and ‘Operation Quick Money Training and Software’.

Also the system is updated regularly with new offers


Even though you probably heard of things like “Make money on autopilot”, “Done-For-You-System” and “Clone my business” before, you might associate these things to something scammy or untrustworthy.

However in Patric Chan’s case this truly is as close to an automated done-for-you system as it gets. If you are looking into leveraging other people’s work then this system is probably your best bet.

What I really like about CB Passive Income is it’s simplicity. The training that you get to learn how to use the system is pretty straight forward, contains mostly short text and videos and won’t take you a lot of time to go through.

That’s actually a good thing because the sooner you learn the system the sooner you can start making money.

You can collect your own subscribers

CB Passive Income Pro Version
CB Passive Income Pro Version.

With the basic version it’s your job to collect leads (email subscribers) into the CB Passive Income system that then does the job of promoting offers automatically through email marketing (and making you money).

However these subscribers get stored into CB Passive Income own system list that takes care of everything for your. But this list is technically not yours as you don’t control this list.

There is a way for you to collect the leads yourself into your own autoresponder system by going into “Lead Details” in your CB Passive Income dashboard and manually copy and paste each email into your autoresponder software.

Now imagine if you are getting hundreds or thousands of leads – this would take you forever to do.

Patric is very clever and has offered an upgrade so you can have the system automatically add these emails to your autoresponder of choice.

This way it goes both into the CB Passive Income system list where it does it’s job and then also to your follow up sequence in your autoresponder.

You can basically double your income be having two different email follow- up sequences on autopilot.

So you are also building your own email list that you can then monetize any way you want – it’s yours and you control it 100% – nobody else.

30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you decide that this program just isn’t for you then you can request your money back 100% guaranteed if you do it within 30 days.

What I didn’t like about CB Passive Income

Like with almost any ‘done-for-you systems’ the hard work has been done by the creator of that product so you can make money with it without having to spend long nights creating it from scratch yourself.

Does that mean the creator gets nothing? No, no, no – he is making a ton of money. You see it’s all built on funnels and email marketing.

Even though you can make good money by getting a commission when a sale is made – Patric Chan get’s the rest. As he already has the system in place the only thing he needs to have is traffic and you are supplying that.

So Patric is getting traffic, leads and commissions into his system from your effort. In a way you are basically building his business alongside yours. Patric doesn’ need to lift a finger once the system is built. It runs on autopilot basically after that.

The problem is that you have very little control of this business as it’s Patric’s system. Yes you can make an income. Just don’t run your whole online business around one income streams.

Patric could decide to change the pricepoints of the offer or your commission. He could even pull the plug on the program. He has total control – not you. This scenario is highly doubtful though but a possibility. Just be mindful of it though.

Leverage income streams like CB Passice income into your business but don’t put all your trust in it. That way you will be fine.


Let’s be straight. This is not a perfect system and perhaps not even the best done-for-you system out there for online marketers. If you are an affiliate marketer or interested in affiliate marketing then yes this is probably a system you can use to generate some income.

Like I mentioned this system has limits and there is no way for you to control things as everything is…that’s right..done for you.

If you know how to drive traffic, be it organic or by paid advertising then yes you could look at adding this system into your toolbox if you are looking into leveraging other people’s work to add another income stream to your business. But I would not set all my eggs into this basket if I was a beginner.

That said I do believe that complete beginners can make money with this system if they go with something like paid advertising (solo ads for example).

However I do recommend this system into your toolbox if you are skilled at acquiring web traffic and are looking into plugging a system that work into your business.