eye laser surgery

The Time When I Had Lasers Shot Into My Eyes: A Story Of One Of My Fears

In 2014 I decided to finally face one of my fears to be able to fulfill one of my dreams I had for many years. It involved lasers. I remember back in 1984 I moved from Iceland to Denmark because of my fathers studies. I started elementary school there at age 6 and for me…

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Lost in london

When I Got Lost In London As A Kid

This is the story of when I got lost downtown London as a kid and what it taught me. This experience has been on my mind now in the last days even though there are many years since it happened. As I’m constantly becoming more aware of that success in business and in life in general, has…

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Action Taker or Dabbler?

Are You An Action Taker or a Dabbler?

Sometimes the path can seem a little rough to success. I can remember when I thought every successful internet marketer was a scammer and the idea of making money online seemed to be just a big conspiracy of a group of people that really liked to send e-mails. I would buy into some programs and…

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Life Goal

Life Goal: What Is Your Ultimate Dream Life?

A life goal is something I think every person should have. Many of us just wander through life in an almost sleep-like state and never creating any real long-term goals. The average person lives 27,375 days which means that if you are 25 today you have 18,250 days left. I remember when I was a teenager it…

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Progress in your life on all stages

Progress In Your Life On All Stages

We should always be making some kind of progress in life be it small or big. I think it’s our nature to grow as personally and also in our businesses. It’s my opinion that we are destined to grow and make progress no matter how small it is. Life is a journey and we should…

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The importance of taking breaks

The Importance Of Taking Breaks And Reflecting On Your Progress

Last Friday I decided to out of town and not touch the computer. I find that it helps going away from the stress, taking breaks and reflecting on my progress. That’s only half-true because it was my birthday and I had already planned this weekend a month ago to drive 400km with my girlfriend to…

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What if I'm not a technical person

Can You Have Online Success If You Are Not A Technical Person

I see so many people get discouraged and fail online because of being afraid of the technical side of things. I wanted to share my thoughts on this and try to answer the question if it’s required to be a technical person to have online success. If I look at myself and my background then…

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How to be consistent

How To Be Consistent In Life

When it comes to success online and in life in general there are few things that beat being consistent in getting your desired outcome. To be consistent in anything means that you want to working on something periodically to have a desired result. But in order to do that you have to set yourself a…

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Brand Yourself

How To Brand Yourself

One of the most important things to start taking the right steps to a new life, new success and build a business online is to brand yourself. But how do you start? I decided to make a short blogpost about it as I’m in the middle of it myself. If your aim is to become…

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Invest in Yourself

Invest In Yourself And Take It To The Next Level

Quite often in the past I heard or read about someone saying “I invested in myself”. Usually the individual was some kind of business person, life coach or entrepreneur. But I never actually knew what it meant exactly to invest in someone. Most people don’t have any clue what it means to to invest in…

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