why to make money online

What is your why? Why make money online?

If you would start your online business today – what would be the reason for that? In today’s blog I want to talk about the “why” of internet marketing. Just so you know – I’m probably not that much far ahead of you when it comes to running an online business. I’ve been doing it for nearly…

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Midnight in Iceland

They Sprayed the Church! Why it’s important to be honest.

I just visited my old home town in North of Iceland with my girlfriend to be at the graduation of my daughter from elementary school. While I was there I also had the chance of walking around town taking a look at the nice buildings and all the changes happening. I was eager to show…

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13 virtues

13 Virtues Benjamin Franklin’s: How To Improve Your Life:

I just finished reading “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger were I discovered a new challenge – the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin. At the end of the book he mentions the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin that I had no idea existed. I wanted to share those habits…

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My failed product launch and what I learned from it

My Failed Product Launch And What I Learned From It.

My thoughts on my failed product launch last year. In 2015 I threw in the towel and finally invested in coaching. Like so many other I had tried to make money online with some cheap course or program and never ever made a dime back. You can probably say that I was dabbling around not…

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10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

I wanted to tell you about a video I stumbled upon on YouTube a little over a year ago. This video completely changed my outlook on so many aspects of life in general – specially money and how to earn your total freedom in life. The maker of the video got a rare oportunity to…

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How I got into internet marketing

How I Got Into Internet Marketing And Why I Love What I Do

A short background check. How I got into internet marketing.   Do you want to learn how to build an online business? CLICK HERE to get my Free “Online Prosperity Starter Kit”. Click Here To Subscribe via YouTube Click Here To Listen to Podcast Click Here To Follow on Twitter Click Here To Follow on Instagram…

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How I added 300 email subscribers fro free in 3 months

How I Added 300 New Email Subscribers For Free In 3 months

As you probably know having your own email list of subscribers and loyal followers is very profitable. But how can you actually build your email list quickly and without spending all your money? One of the most popular methods to increase a persons email subscribers list is to grab emails with some kind of “hook”…

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One Year Of Kindle Publishing

One Year of Kindle Publishing: What I Have Learned

In the beginning of March 2016 I started my Kindle publishing business and this post is a short reflection on the progress and the journey the last year. Having done two product launches before I was looking for a new way to generate income online. Even though my products did fairly good it was a…

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Stop worrying

How To Stop Worrying About What People Think

A big reason for people not succeeding online and even in life in general is that they worry too much what others think and fail to open themselves up because of fear of being ridiculed. But how do you stop worrying about what others think? Going for what you really want in life, making big…

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Email marketing

Email Marketing: Why You Have To Get Up Close And Personal

Yes you have probably heard it before about email marketing. The money is in the list. Your email list that is. But talking to people has had me realize that many are getting it wrong. I month ago I decided really to put focus on my email marketing. I admit that I hadn’t put in…

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