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Blog Progress Report – March 2019

Blog growth March 2019
Blog growth March 2019

In this post I want to share my Blog Progress for March 2019. By doing this I want to document my blog journey and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Ok so I started Next Step Freedom in November 2016 and *gosh* has this been a slow trip for me! I didn’t expect my blog progress to be so slow.

I have to admit though, in the beginning I was completely lost when it came to things like SEO and doing anything remotely like targeting interests of people on let’s say Google.

It was more like me fumbling in the dark and writing about random stuff that was going on in my life and business.

No aim. No real vision for I was going with this actually. Not focusing on my Blog Progress.

I did publish quite an amount of posts though and did so up until the fall of 2017 when I lost my mojo.

I didn’t see any growth and I was feeling hopeless as this didn’t seem to be working. Nobody was coming to my blog.

In the spring of 2018 I picked up the ball and started again only drop it in the fall the same year.

Fast-forward to this year and I have about 100 blog posts published.

I can’t say that I have been consistent in my effort. I have had periods of tie where I have published groups of posts only to have big gaps in my schedule when I have dropped the ball.

But going through my Google Analytics I have noticed that my blog is growing.

Let’s take a look at the overall traffic for March 2019 year on year:

March 2019 month on month comparison to 2018.

As you can see I’m not getting crazy amount of visits to my blog and sometimes it seems like I’m not getting anywhere.

That’s why it’s important to track your results, because it’s hard sometimes to see progress when it’s measured over a small time period.

But compare it to 2018 and you can see that I have roughly 354% growth in unique users on my blog – down from measly 68 up to 303.

Still nothing worth bragging though.

Bear in mind that I have dropped the ball a few times and there are big gaps in my posting schedule. Still it’s growing. So that leaves me wondering – were would those numbers be if I had been consistent?

Let’s take a look at the progress of my organic search traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines.

You can see that slowly my search traffic is increasing month by month and March 2019 was my best month if you look at search engine traffic. Still, nothing huge but it’s growing.

Amount of search engine traffic to my blog.

As I said March was my best month so far if we look at search engine traffic (mostly Google) to my blog.

Sometimes it’s feels like a turtle-race but then it’s important to reflect and look back. If you keep at it your blog will see growth at some point.

Year on Year comparison for my search engine traffic.

search engine traffic

So this my search traffic results month-on-month comparison for March 2018 and 2019. You can see that I had 183% growth year on year and went from 48 up to 136.

Like I said, not life-changing results, but I can definitely see that I’m getting some kind of momentum. Also we can’t forget that I wasn’t consistent in my posting schedule and was publishing very randomly and inconsistently.

Now I have much more defined schedule – all my post go public on Tuesdays at 4pm GMT.

I’ve heard and read so many times that Google likes consistency, be it daily, weekly or monthly – as long as you publish regularly then you should good long-term results with your blog progress.

What have I been doing to grow my blog progress?

  1. Working on my SEO. Targeting keywords and optimizing my blogposts and images.
  2. Ramping up my efforts and publishing rich pins on Pinterest with Tailwind.
  3. Promoting my posts on Facebook.
  4. Making YouTube videos promoting my blog.

But most importantly I have been focusing on creating new content and that is what I think is most important when it comes to seeing results.

Everything else should come second. If you have good content then you will see results at some point in your journey.

Hope this was of some interest and thank you for reading.

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