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Blog Progress Report – April 2019

pinterest_reach_april_2019In this post I want to share my blog orogress for April 2019. By doing this I want to document my blog journey and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

I have been consistently publishing weekly blogposts since March 22nd 2019 after dropping the ball a little bit the last month. I have been focusing on creating longer blogposts as I was doing 500 word posts before which is just too short.

Most people recommend 1000 word plus. That said I have published 700-800 words posts but steadily pushing above 1000 and I just finished a draft for a 3500+ word post that I’m really looking forward to publishing.

Currently there are 107 blogposts published on the Next Step Freedom blog.

My blog traffic is growing thanks to social media but disappointingly my search engine traffic dropped from last month.

Let’s take a look at the overall traffic for April 2019 year on year:


Unsurprisingly my blog traffic has grown 379% in sessions from the same month last year. This is similar to last month and something that was expected.

My bounce rate went through the roof however and this is probably because I changed template for my blog a few weeks ago.

I don’t know exactly why my bounce rate has jumped so high but it’s a template thing I guess – not the content. Bounce rate means that someone came to my website and read perhaps a blogpost. He then left the website without taking any other action like clicking to another page or filling a form.

The reason for why I’m not stressed about this data is that when I had my older template I had an optin form in the header of my home page that I think was appealing to people and people clicked through.

I still haven’t finished designing my header graphics for my new look and I’m still not happy with it. This could be a factor that people aren’t browsing more on the blog.

When I look in Google Analytics on average time spent on page I see 21% growth from last month and this is why I am not stressing out because of the bounce rate.

I know that people are reading my content at least.

Let’s take a look at the progress of my organic search traffic from Google, Bing and other search engines.

Like I said in the introduction my search engine traffic did drop this month by 14%.

Why I really can’t say but I suspect it has something to do with the template change. Could be a coincidence but I find it odd. Google is always tweaking it’s algorithm so I’m going to be evaluating this in the coming weeks. Let’s see.

Search Engine Traffic Overview – month on month comparison.


Acquisition Overview – month on month comparison.


I really supercharged my Pinterest efforts in March and April and started publishing rich pins on Pinterest daily again in order to drive traffic to my blog.

If you didn’t know Pinterest is awesome to get traffic to your blog fast.

I have been using Tailwind to automatically publish pins to my Pinterest account.

Doing it manually is just out of the question.

I’m currently having Tailwind publish around 60 pins a day and it’s resulting in an increase in traffic from social as you can see on the left.

Social Acquisition – month on month comparison.

My main traffic source from social media is Pinterest. I have not been working on Facebook or YouTube to get traffic as I’m only focusing on Pinterest.

I do have a YouTube channel and I’m slowly integrating videos in my blogposts. But as you can see Pinterest is the main reason for the social traffic growth from last month.


Pinterest reach.

 I decided to put this graph from Pinterest analytics also in my blog report for those who are curious about this kind of stuff. You can see that I stopped actively using Pinterest and Tailwind in November.

My efforts in March are now resulting in 36,846 viewers a month and 756 people engaging with my pins.


What have I been doing to grow my blog progress in April 2019?

  1. Working on my SEO as usual. Targeting keywords and optimizing my blogposts and images.
  2. I started focusing on writing 1000-2000 word blogposts instead of shorter 500 words.
  3. Going from 20-30 to 50-60 published rich pins on Pinterest daily with the Tailwind app.
  4. Started using Tailwind Tribes more effectively.
  5. Slowly adding YouTube videos into my blogposts.

But as usual focusing on creating new content is the best method and that is what I think is most important when it comes to seeing results. Everything else should come second. If you have good content then you will see results at some point in your journey.

Hope this was of some interest and thank you for reading.

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