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Are You An Action Taker or a Dabbler?

Sometimes the path can seem a little rough to success.

I can remember when I thought every successful internet marketer was a scammer and the idea of making money online seemed to be just a big conspiracy of a group of people that really liked to send e-mails.

I would buy into some programs and eventually loose hope and of course – money.

I was “lucky” though I guess – I didn’t spend thousands like some people – but enough to get more discouraged everytime.

But somehow I always thought that this was possible for me.

I assure you – there are people more stupid than you that are making a ton of money online RIGHT NOW.

It’s true 🙂

I always remember the turning point for me.

I read a success story about I guy that I knew was a trustworthy and legit person. That kind of changes things your you when you see someone you know or relate to that is enjoying success.

That lead to me investing a bit in myself and finally make the breakthrough I needed.

But it took some time and work.

You see making money online is not complicated like most people think. There is no program that allows you to push a button and VOILA money in your Paypal.


That’s really what internet marketing is about and making money online is about.

When you take action and DECIDE you are going to make money online and have the right OFFER and AUDIENCE then you WILL make money.

So when I quit being a dabbler and started being an action taker then I saw results.

P.S. This is me in the picture yesterday taking a walk (my car was not to be found under snow) in a record breaking 50cm of snow the most since 1952 in Reykjavik!

To your success,

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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