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5 Most Common Myths About Making Money Blogging

Today I wanted to share with you the 5 most common myths about Making Money Blogging.

Hey what is up. Hafsteinn here from Next Step Freedom! Before I finally understood this, building my blog and monetizing it was a slow and painful process. I seemed to be putting a lot of work and effort into it without making money blogging. Without any results. Now things are better. Now making money is a breeze, and it all started with breaking down these myths.

Myth 1. Setting up your own blog is too complicated

Let’s face it. Alot of people are too afraid of jumping into the online pool of opportunities as they get spooked thinking about all the technical aspect of things needed in order to build their blog and potentially making serious money with it. The process used to be a bit complicated  but luckily it has become easier than ever.

With awesome free content management systems (CMS) like WordPress available targeted at the everyday user – you really don’t need anything more to get started building your own blog and hopefully passive income online.

Also if you WOULD need more customisations there are courses and tutorials I can recommend on how to learn all these things. Learning new things pays off as most people are too lazy or so full of self-doubt that they never even try to pick up new skills that could potentially put them ahead of other people when it comes to success.

First affiliate commission

Myth #2. The only people who make money blogging are people who blog about blogging.

Not true. You might think that way though, as those people will often be the ones that are for example putting out income reports in order to perhaps sell their products. A food blogger would never do that as the topic of their blog would not be “make money blogging”, but rather making delicious recipes in the kitchen. That doesn’t mean they don’t make money with their blog – you just don’t hear them talk about it.

Myth #3. You need a ton of visitors to your blog before you can make money.

Not true. The thing is most successful bloggers say that you only need about 1,000 loyal followers to make $100,000 a year potentially. But to cut it down – your REALLY only need one person coming to your blog to potentially make money. If your blog is correctly monetized with good content – that’s all you need! If you are unsure about how to monetize your blog correctly check out my review on this course Make Money Blogging for Beginners.

Myth #4. You have to create your own stuff to sell in order to make money as a blogger.

Absolutely not. With affiliate marketing you can easily sell other people’s product on your blog for high commissions ranging from anywhere from 10-80%. If that wouldn’t be good enough, doing affiliate marketing also removes the hazzle of having to run your own customer support for your products. It’s a good idea to start with affiliate marketing as it can help you get going with some good income before moving on to creating your own products.

Myth #5. Your readers will like you less if you try to “sell” them something.

Nope. If you begin by providing free valuable content to them, help them and communicate with your audience, most often people will be glad when you recommend a paid solution for a potential problem they need a solution for.

So you might be thinking what next steps to take in order to setup your blog and monetize it the right way?

The best course I have found so far to get started with making money blogging is this one.

I’m absolutely blown away from the value I got from it and it helped me finally get my blog going.