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5 Free And Simple Ways Of Getting Web Traffic To Your Site

Getting web traffic to your site is something that I would consider the lifeblood of your online business and if you want to build your brand. But not all of us have the ability to spend money on traffic.

Is there a way to have a successful blog or a website with a lot of web traffic without investing in traffic. Of course! It can maybe take more time but it’s certainly achievable. Just like any other local store that depends on people flowing in and out to take a look at the products inside, an online business depends on visitors to it’s website and that hopefully some of those visitors will convert into customers.

I did a post before on the importance of having a high-ticket system and that if you have a high-converting offer and targeted traffic than you will more than probably make sales. In this post I’m only going to be sharing some methods on how to get the traffic. I won’t be going into paid traffic like Facebook Ads or PPC (Pay Per Click) because that is a little bit more different and complicated but I will for sure make a post later about that subject.

It’s all about building your own audience and following.

A Blog With Great Content. 

The first web traffic method that I want to talk about is kind of a no-brainer and that is having great content on your website or blog. When people are on the internet they are usually looking for information that can benefit them. Some are looking for entertainment like cat-videos and therefore go to YouTube to consume it.

Yes, cat-videos are information too. I myself create content on my blog to attract people that are interested in creating an online business and self-growth. When I create content I try my best to create content that is valuable and could benefit people that are visiting my blog. Having content on your blog that is of high value will help you rank with the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and get organic traffic to your website or blog. Organic traffic is the holy grail of internet traffic and is something you should be aiming for. The top search engines have something called “spiders” or “bots” that crawl the internet and it’s websites to see how relative the content there is to what people are searching for online.

For example if someone types in “Make money online” in Google, and your website is on the first page of the search results,  then you are probably going to get a lot of traffic (people visiting your website) from those people. And because they were searching for the term “Make money online” then they are warm traffic which means that they are searching for information probably on how to do that. If your blog has good content every week then they are probably going to return again hopefully and become a loyal subscriber to your blog and customer even. Creating good content is maybe not easy. It takes time for you blog to grow and get ranked. But if you consistently put in the work then your blog content might one day drive flows of traffic organically without spending a dime. Your aim should be providing value and help to other and if you manage to day that in a good way then you will be rewarded. Same goes with any other website like an E-commerce website. If you have products or goods of high-value and quality than people are going to searching for them. Your mission should be to cater to your web visitors needs.


Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. The total number of people who use YouTube is about 1,300,000,000 and there are over 30 million visitors per day. That is a crazy amount of web traffic that can be tapped into. Mind-boggling. It’s the second largest search engine after Google. I my opinion the first thing after you have got a blog going is to set up a YouTube channel.

First of all it’s free and you can upload as much as you want. You can then have the ability to monetize your video with ads on your page or in your videos to make you some revenue. Not only that but if your channel is good and becomes popular you will have tons of people subscribing, liking and commenting on your videos and therefore building a community of followers on YouTube. You can then funnel these people to your website or blog by simply putting a link in the YouTube video description or by having a call to action in the video itself. Now like with any free web traffic method this takes commitment, consistency, time and constant effort. You will not have a big list of subscribers over night but if you keep at it then people will start to subscribe to you. And this should be your mission.

To build an audience that you can then slowly integrate with your blog and offers you have for them. Of course not all people are comfortable making videos. Some people don’t like to be on camera and also there is a bit of a technical side to it.

To those people I want to say that they can provide value without being on camera themselves. They can for example make a slideshow presentation with text and images or some kind of animation. Researchs have shown that just simple text with a narration can captivate the viewer and hold it’s attention for quite some time. No need for a “physical” human being in the video. Another method is to simply hire a person on and have him read a script that you created. Also making videos yourself has become so much easier than before with mobile phones and simple editing software like iMovie and Camtasia that it’s really not an excuse anymore to say that “I’m not technical”.


1. This is a medium that is still a litte underestimated in my opinion and especially when it comes to business. There are a few good reasons why you should seriously consider getting a Podcast going.

2. First of all there are almost 900 blogs to every Podcast. These numbers indicate that it’s quite more difficult to stand out and reach people with a blog rather than a Podcast. The Podcasting pond is still very huge with not so many sharks in it making it easier for you to cacth the fish ( customers).

3. iTunes is the main marketplace for Podcasts and there are about 500 million users there which is almost half of Facebook users. That’s huge.

4. More importantly having your own Podcast will really fast-forward your status to “expert” because the medium has so much potential when it comes to branding.

5. The Podcast audience is considered to be a little bit different as they are consuming the content more on mobile as they are listening in their cars, in the gym, running or even at work. As you can easily listen to a Podcast while working for example in front of a computer – it’s more difficult to get away with let’s say watching a YouTube video. Even though Podcast are considered to be a more mobile medium, almost half of all download from desktops last year was from iTunes.

6. One very interesting fact concerning Podcast is that the consumers are considered to have more affluence. That means that they are potentially a very good target audience for offers you might want to present to them.

Many Podcasters place some kind of call to action right before the show begins, in the middle of it or at the end to drive traffic to their blogs or even to an offer with good results. If you are seriously considering free web traffic to your site then Podcasts are definitely an option to consider.

Forum marketing

This a solid and quite a simple method to getting web traffic to your website. There are of course countless amount of forums out there so depending in what market niche your are in (area of business) go and find one that suits it. I don’t use forums that much myself but I do however sometimes go to the WarriorForum which is everything related to internet marketing. A great place to connect to other people, learn and promote things. The way you go about using Forum marketing is to create an account (if you haven’t got it already) and fill in your details. Most forums allow you to create something called an “Avatar” which is basically your online persona in connection with that website or forum. This allows you to put in details like name, image, profession, website and some other info that in many cases will be shown whenever you comment posts for example (this can often be set accordingly). If we take the WarriorForum for example they have something called a signature which allows you to put a link (or even an image) to let’s say your website or blog and whenever you post a comment that link (signature) is shown beneath your comment for everybody to see.

I know what you might be thinking now. “Ill just put a link to an affiliate offer and spam the forum with short posts”. It doesn’t work that way. You see there are hundreds if not thousands of users there and there are plenty that post very short comments that have little value to give to the readers and are therefore almost invisible to the readers. It’s highly unlikely that this will have any successful long-term results. What you want to do is to present yourself as an individual that is willing to provide high-quality value and really put in some time and work to help people. If you see a post in the forum where somebody is asking for help or for an opinion then do post a comment there if you really think you know the answer or you think you could help the person. Stick out from the crowd my writing a post that is not just a one-liner and really give your opinion. You don’t need necessarily to be an expert on the subject but if you have any experience with it than state your results or what you experienced. There are always new people coming to the marketplace and with time you will have more experience than other people and can certainly help some of them. It’s a big misunderstanding that you can not chip in with some value even though you don’t have a masters-degree in the subject. Big misunderstanding. Let’s say somebody has a question about a certain software and you might have been using it for two months. Then tell them what you think about it. Leverage your experience. But try to be helpful. People are mostly searching for solutions online for their problems and when they see that you are constantly giving value, being helpful and being positive then there is a big chance they are going to like you, follow you and click your signature link. When you have them coming into your blog then it’s about nurturing them, getting them to subscribe and hopefully buy from you.

This is the right way of doing forum marketing. Of course it does take a little bit of an effort but writing a good helpful post doesn’t have to take a long time. All free web traffic needs a bit of time and this is no different but if you stick to it then you will have results.

Blog commenting

This one is probably very related to Forum marketing but instead of commenting on posts in forums you are commenting on posts on other people’s blogs. You are simply driving web traffic from these blogs by placing your link in the comment section. Like in forums marketing you want to find blogs that are active (check dates of blog posts) and find a post with a subject that is not too old and that interests you. Read the whole blog post and then give a well thought out opinion in the comment section that truly delivers value. Later you can come back and see if somebody replied to your comment and then you can comment back. This “thread” can then grow bigger if more people join in the conversation and thus creating an exposure for you as you started the comment. The exposure creates attention around your persona and your blog and will have people clicking to your blog if they find you interesting. This creates a “backlink” to your blog or website from the other persons site and is considered quite important with Google when it’s indexing sites. Many number of backlinks tells Google that your site is popular as people are visiting it from many places and therefore will start to consider your blog as a more of an “authority”. That is what you should be aiming for.

Don’t do short comments and then drop your link, don’t comment if you don’t know anything about the subject and please do not put anything that is not related to the blogpost. Follow these simple rules and you will probably do just fine.

I really hope this post has given you value and opened your eyes to free web traffic methods that don’t have to cost anything. There are more but I consider these to be highly important and effective. The downside of these methods of course as in comparison with Paid Traffic is that investment of time is needed. With Paid traffic it’s possible to have faster results but in my opinion slowly building your brand with free web traffic should also be apart of your business and you should mix those two methods together for maximum results.

To your success,