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3 Reasons Why You Should Rather Start a Blog Instead of a YouTube Channel

Here are 3 simple reasons why you should rather start a log instead of a YouTube channel.

No complicated equipment.

Even though a lot of people would say that they can’t write the reality is that most people are able to put their thoughts into words if they really have to.

Running a YouTube channel, shooting with camera equipment and editing video is something that can be a really big barrier to cross for the average Joe looking for getting their message out with video.

Using WordPress however to write 500-1000 word blog posts is in my opinion fairly simple for anybody that has ever used a word processor in the past.

All you need to create an awesome blogpost, that can drive a lot of web traffic to your page, is a laptop with WordPress installed and some imagination.

Sure, you can use your phone to shoot video, edit it and even upload it straight to YouTube. However if you really want to create good quality videos for YouTube you need a decent setup with a good camera and lens, tripods, lighting equipment etc.

This usually requires some investment and also it takes time to learn how to use this equipment efficiently.



As you only need a laptop with you and not a complete studio setup to blog, you can really do it everywhere you want to. You are more pinned down with your studio equipment.


Your terms.

As I mentioned in my last blog post I’m not a big fan of running my entire online business on a platform owned by a big company. Whether you are operating your online presence on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…or yes even YouTube, you run the risk of having algorithm changes effect your business, terms changing overnight and having your account closed for any reason.

There are so many stories about people that had their business almost vanish overnight because of some changes that they had no control over because their business was built around a platform owned by someone else.

With your own WordPress blog the risk of that happening to you is almost non-existent as WordPress is an open-source software that can be hosted on your own webserver.

Conclusion. By all means use social media and all the platforms you consider good to drive traffic.

But drive that web traffic to your blog where you educate, entertain and sell to that traffic.

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