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PowerVideos Express Reselling License

PowerVideos Express is an exceptional collection of 10 done-for-you animated video templates designer to work in Powerpoint & OpenOffice. Within minutes the customer is able to create full-blown, high-converting videos.

There is no need for any expensive or fancy software!

Additionally it comes with 125+ created from scratch vector graphics. These graphics are completely unique and were never released before. Just the graphics are worth $1,000+!!

This is a perfect video collection for: internet marketer, affiliate marketers, product vendors, offline marketers & paid advertisers.

PowerVideos Express
Here's what you'll find inside: Value
VIDEO TEMPLATE #1 - Cleaning $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #2 - Realtor $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #3 - Car Dealer $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #4 - Entrepreneur $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #5 - Fitness Fury $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #6 - Handyman Kit $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #7 - Transportation $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #8 - Red Alert VSL $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #9 - Green E-Confirmer $197
VIDEO TEMPLATE #1 - Bonus VSL $197
FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - Private FB Mastermind Group $97
FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Secret Resource Guide $27
FAST ACTION BONUS #3 - 12 Attention-Grabbing Graphical Headlines $27

Total Value Today



High-Converting Sales Letter + Sales Video

The sales letter was carefully crafted to guaranteed highest conversions possible.

PowerVideos Express;

Click Here To See The Sales Letter

Total Value: $2,500.00


Done-For-You Minisite

The sales page was beautifully formatted to create an almost "hypnotic", attention-grabbing effect. It also features persuasive graphical headlines, add to cart button and more! Additionally, all the pages like Terms Of Use, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Thank You Page are DONE-FOR-YOU!

Click Here To See The Mini Site

Total Value: $300.00


Done-For-You Affiliate Page

Additionally, you'll get a proven affiliate page, with all the necessary tools and highly persuasive email swipes. Now let the hoard of affiliates promote your product for you without you even lifting a finger! How cool!

PowerVideos Express

Click Here To See The Affiliate Page

Total Value: $200.00


Eye-Catching Ecover Graphics

Get top-quality, astonishing ecover graphic to boost your conversions & build instant authority.

PowerVideos Express;

That looks pretty amazing, huh? Yet, it's not all!

Total Value: $100.00

9 Ideas

What You'll Be Able To Do With This Brand-New, Fresh PLR Product

1 Use It Yourself! - Use these incredible marketing graphics to transform your old looking websites into response-driven masterpieces!
2 Sell For 100% Profit - Just plug in your PayPal button and start reselling it for instant Paypal income. No more waiting for affiliate commissions, get it lightning fast!
3 Rebrand It - Make the product totally unique & build a highly respected brand.
4 Add It To Your Paid Membership Site - Struggling to fill your membership site with content? Take some parts of the product (check license for more information) and put it in your membership in no time.
5 Use Parts As A Bonus - Again, you can take parts of the product and offer it as a bonus in the upcoming product launches. Or add it as a bonus to your own product. Sky is the limit!
6 Giveaway To Build Your List - Graphics can be a GREAT freebie to kick-start your list building efforts.
7 Bundle With Other Products - Bundle couple of products into one for an incredible offer (can be a great upsell offer too).
8 Get Affiliates For Easy Sales - With ready-to-go affiliate page & affiliate tools you'll be able to attract affiliates for easy money.
9 Sell It To A Totally Different Market - Sell it to offline businesses, graphic designers, developers, programmers. The possibilities are endless!

Your head may be buzzing now with so many ways how you can use this incredible product. Yet, if you're still not convinced, here're couple of reasons what makes this video business-in-a-box unique from any other you may saw before:

4 Kick-Ass Reasons That Makes This Business-In-A-Box So Exclusive & Special:

1 REASON #1 - Truly Top-Quality Product - Videos/graphics products are known to get really low refund rates. I'm talking about 2%, 4%, maybe 8% max. That means you keep more money to yourself! Additionally, I received a ton of amazing feedback from people I gave early access to this product.
2 REASON #2 - Low Refund Rates Gauranteed - Just plug in your PayPal button and start reselling it for instant Paypal income. No more waiting for affiliate commissions, get it lightning fast!
3 REASON #3 - In-Demand, Evergreen Niche - The truth of the matter is, everyone needs videos & graphics. And everyone absolutely need videos because videos simply CONVERT! You'll be able to sell this product for years to come and the market will still need it!
4 REASON #4 - Brand-New, Just-Released Complete Business - Forget about old, boring PLR packages. This is super fresh, brand-new and just released! The videos are following the latest trends. Nothing here is old. It's fresh! It's new! And it's 5-star quality!

I guess now you have no more reasons not to get this deal, right?

I Know You Just Can't Wait To Get Your Hands On This Fully Done-For-You, Exclusive Business-In-A-Box, So Let's Keep It Short...

Just hiring a graphic designer to create these 10 one-of-a-kind video templates & 125+ unique graphics would cost you at least... $1,9700.00
Then sales letter writing another....... $2,500.00
And then the minisite with all the pages and graphics another...... $700.00

Yet I know you're smart, and you know you can get a better deal.

For an extremely limited time, during the "Launch Promotion" period that will end on July 2nd at 11:59PM EST, you'll be able to grab this amazing PLR...

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For just $67 bucks you'll be able to literally copy my whole product, put on your server, slap your name on it and resell for 100% instant Paypal profits!

Now you'll be able to build a customer list, attract affiliates and make some serious money. No more petty 40% affiliate commissions, now you get the whole cake!

Hurry Up! Make sure to claim your copy now before it's fully sold out. I can't let everyone to get this cash-generating business to prevent from the market saturation. After the launch period I'm going to raise the price, you don't want to delay!


PowerVideos Express Jetpack Upgrade Reselling License

PowerVideos Express;

For a limited time you'll also get an exclusive reselling license to 2 upgrades: Jetpack Upgrade & Jetpack Light Upgrade! You'll be able to use it as your upsell to increase your profit per each new customer up to 2 TIMES!

The upgrades include 12 brand-new video templates with 100+ new graphics. That's like getting another PowerVideos Express product for no extra charge! And you can resell it again for 100% profits under your name.

Click Here To See The Preview Of The Upgrade Product

Total Value: $567.00

Here's what you'll find inside: Value
MODULE #1 - PowerVideos Express Reselling License $2,118.00
MODULE #2 - High-Converting Sales Letter + Sales Video $2,500.00
MODULE #3 - Done-For-You Minisite $300
MODULE #4 - Done-For-You Affiliate Page $200
MODULE #5 - Eye-Catching Ecover Graphics $100
FAST ACTION BONUS - PowerVideos Express Jetpack Upgrade Reselling License $567

Total Value Today


Try Video Business-In-A-Box risk-free for 60 days and if for any reason you won't be absolutely thrilled with this one-of-a-kind video business-in-a-box, just send a support ticket to support@nextstepfreedom.com and I'll refund you every penny. No questions asked, no hassle!

PowerVideos Express
PowerVideos Express
PowerVideos Express - Business-In-A-Box

No thanks, I'm not interested in getting a complete graphics business-in-a-box with all these CRAZY bonuses for this ridiculous discount... I understand that I may NOT see this offer AGAIN after leaving this page...

PowerVideos Express

Money Back Guaranteed

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked

PowerVideos Express

100% Secure Checkout

Verified & Secure Checkout via JVZoo. Pay Via Credit Card or PayPal

PowerVideos Express

How Will I Be Able To Set It Up?

I recorded a full, over-the-shoulder video training that will show you step-by-step how to edit your sales letter, add your Paypal button, upload on your server and start making money. If you've never set up a website it make take you an hour or two to get everything done. If you have some experience, it shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes.

PowerVideos Express

Can I Sell PLR Or MRR Of This Product?

No. You'll be able to sell only personal rights of PowerVideos Express. I don't give Master Resell Rights.

PowerVideos Express

How Soon Will I Get My Investment Back?

Even in the next 24 hours. I'm serious! Here's an idea. Set it up quickly today, and write a simple email to your list. Or buy a solo ad and send directly to your sales page. It's dead simple. This is an absolute "no-brainer".

PowerVideos Express

Does It Come With Developers License?

YES! All the videos & graphics come with a developers license. You can use all the graphics freely, customize them and implement in your client's work.

What's The License To This PLR?

Suggested Selling Price: $27

What you CAN do:
Can be sold YES
Can be packaged YES
Can put your name on it to sell it as your own product YES
Can rename the product YES
Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product. (only 20% of the content can be used for a bonus) YES
Can have your own affiliate program for the product YES
Can sell ONLY personal rights (no PLR or MRR) YES
What you CAN'T do:
Can be given away NO
Can be added to a free membership site NO
Can be added to a paid membership site NO
Can be offered through auction sites NO
Can sell resale rights NO
Can sell master resale rights NO
Can transfer master resale rights NO
Can sell Private Label Rights NO
Hafsteinn Thordarson

To Your Success,
Hafsteinn Thordarson

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PowerVideos Express - Business-In-A-Box

No thanks, I'm not interested in getting a complete graphics business-in-a-box with all these CRAZY bonuses for this ridiculous discount... I understand that I may NOT see this offer AGAIN after leaving this page...