Why to build your own infrastructure

Why You Want To Build Your Own Infrastructure

Things are changing very fast in the current economy and the future is looking unpredictable with the dawn of robots and increased automation. The importance of having your own infrastructure has never been more. Gone are the days that you get a job and you can hang on to it to the rest of your…

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How to be consistent

How To Be Consistent In Life

When it comes to success online and in life in general there are few things that beat being consistent in getting your desired outcome. To be consistent in anything means that you want to working on something periodically to have a desired result. But in order to do that you have to set yourself a…

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Brand Yourself

How To Brand Yourself

One of the most important things to start taking the right steps to a new life, new success and build a business online is to brand yourself. But how do you start? I decided to make a short blogpost about it as I’m in the middle of it myself. If your aim is to become…

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Invest in Yourself

Invest In Yourself And Take It To The Next Level

Quite often in the past I heard or read about someone saying “I invested in myself”. Usually the individual was some kind of business person, life coach or entrepreneur. But I never actually knew what it meant exactly to invest in someone. Most people don’t have any clue what it means to to invest in…

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Should You Fake It Until You Make It

Should You Fake It Until You Make It?

You have probably heard this saying before: “Fake it until you make it”. People’s opinions seem to be on both sides of the fence about this one though. How many times have you heard people saying this? Fake it until you make it? What does it mean exactly? Is it unethical? I have been thinking…

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Laptop Lifestyle

Living a Laptop Lifestyle

What is a laptop lifestyle and why would you want to pursue one? What does it mean to be an internet marketer and work through your laptop? For me the laptop lifestyle is primarily freedom. It’s location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. There are a lot of people out there that make serious amount…

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Why You Should Make Your Own Blog

Why You Should Make Your Own Blog

People often associate blogs with websites that act like a “digital diary” for a person that wants to share their thoughts. In many cases that is true but a blog can also be an immense asset in your business. That is why you should start today to make your own blog. Why would you make…

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information products

Online Business Model #3 Information Products

One of the most profitable business models online is information products. Even though Kindle Publishing involves selling information products (ebooks) it’s a little bit different than launching your own infoproduct. When we talk about information products we are usually talking about digital products like video, audio or software. This can be anything from video training…

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Affiliate Marketing should be in your business

Online Business Model #2 Affiliate Marketing

One of the most lucrative ways to generate income online and should be part of most online businesses is Affiliate Marketing. It’s a way for a company or a marketer (in this case you) to reward someone else for bringing traffic and conversions to your offer. When you will have your first product to sell…

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Amazon Kindle Publishing

Online Business Model #1 Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has been around for quite some time and you may have heard about it before. It’s maybe not the first thing that would pop into someone’s mind when thinking about making money online but I’m going to show you why it’s one of the best ways to get started. Low Start…

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