How to deal with fear

How To Deal With Fear

Fear. Let’s admit it we all experience it at some time in both our personal life and business. But how to deal with fear? Let’s get one thing straight. All people have fears. It’s something that has helped us survive through the ages and made us evolve. Fear is one of the things that keep…

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iPro with Dean Holland Update

iPro Day #13. Progress Update.

Today is my 13th day of promoting iPro so I made a small progress update. Two weeks of investing in traffic and I finally hit profit today. Bought $180 in solo ad traffic and the return is $217.8. I made one sale in the first day which was a real good sign for me that…

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Progress in your life on all stages

Progress In Your Life On All Stages

We should always be making some kind of progress in life be it small or big. I think it’s our nature to grow as personally and also in our businesses. It’s my opinion that we are destined to grow and make progress no matter how small it is. Life is a journey and we should…

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Power of leverage

Leverage: Why It’s Absolutely Necessary For Success

Two years ago I finally had a breakthrough online  when I used the power of the leverage of a more experienced marketer than me to finally make a substantial income online. It was after investing in coaching, following a proven plan, working my butt off for 6 months and finally launching and selling my own…

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what is a solo ad?

What is a Solo Ad And Why Should You Invest In One?

What is a solo ad and why should you consider trying it out? A Solo Ad is a great online traffic method to capture leads and prospects. You may have heard about a solo ad before if you know a little bit about online marketing. I wanted share a little bit about my experience with…

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The importance of taking breaks

The Importance Of Taking Breaks And Reflecting On Your Progress

Last Friday I decided to out of town and not touch the computer. I find that it helps going away from the stress, taking breaks and reflecting on my progress. That’s only half-true because it was my birthday and I had already planned this weekend a month ago to drive 400km with my girlfriend to…

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What if I'm not a technical person

Can You Have Online Success If You Are Not A Technical Person

I see so many people get discouraged and fail online because of being afraid of the technical side of things. I wanted to share my thoughts on this and try to answer the question if it’s required to be a technical person to have online success. If I look at myself and my background then…

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Importance of goal setting

Importance of Goal Settings: Knowing Why You Want To Make Money Online

It’s a fact that so many people enter the world of online marketing with hopes of earning money just by sitting in front of their computer and expecting some kind of “results”. They start without a clear plan on how they are going to achieve this or what these “results” are exactly. That’ why it’s…

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How To Get Traffic With Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing: How To Get Insane Amount Of Free Traffic

Today I want to share with you a method on how to drive insane amount of targeted traffic to your blog for free with forum marketing. I had heard the term “forum marketing” mentioned quite a lot in the past but always dismissed it as some kind of bogus that would not return any immediate…

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iPro Funnel System

iPro with Dean Holland – The Done-For-You High-Ticket Funnel System

Any wise business person implements multiple income streams and doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket. You should diversify your business with your own products as well as leveraging other people’s solid businesses. I have talked before on the importance of building your own assets that can make you money in the long term and…

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